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Compassionate and Empathetic Facilitator/Guide
I cannot recommend Maren highly enough. She possesses an incredible ability to connect with her clients on various levels, tailoring her approach to their unique communication styles. Rather than dictating solutions, she guides you through the pros and cons of your situation, empowering you to make the best decisions for yourself. What sets her apart is her willingness to share her own struggles, creating a safe space where vulnerability is met with empathy. Her sessions are never one-sided; she laughs and cries with you, fostering a genuine human connection. Above all, she upholds the highest ethical standards. I've personally referred five close friends to her, all of whom have benefited greatly from her compassionate sessions.

Alex D. Lennox, CA


"I honestly don't know where my co-parent and I would be if it weren't for Maren's generous mastery.
She is deeply committed to seeing and helping to translate both sides of our story equally while staying connected to where each of us is at in the moment. I have been impressed with her ability to stay balanced and centered on the truth of what lives behind our words.
She is a wizard at identifying needs and coming up with creative solutions for negotiations. She guides the conversation with gentle grace and a firm hand when needed. After a year of regular meetings with Maren I can say I have learned a ton about how to communicate peacefully with others.
I full heartedly recommend Maren to anyone who wants to integrate more cooperation, understanding and compassion into their relationships.
Thank you Maren!!!!!"

~ Mary H. San Francisco, CA

Maren’s Therapeutic influence on my life has been invaluable. I have felt unconditional acceptance and a depth of reflection that only someone who has gone deep themselves can reflect. Maren’s generosity, authenticity, humanness and curiosity has allowed me a unique loving transformative container.

In appreciation, LS"

"Maren is insightful, compassionate and able to help navigate issues that need love and perspective from a skillful practitioner. I felt instantly comfortable and trusted her knowledge base and integrity. My time with her helped me navigate a really painful time in  my life and she pointed me in the direction of some really helpful tools and concepts! "

M. Smiley, Chico, CA


“I'm so happy that I found Maren. I searched high and low trying to find someone with experience in NVC for children. I asked Maren to meet with me 1 on 1 to help in developing and integrating non violent communication methods for my staff. I She helped me in my professional life, and personal life as we worked through NVC methodology together. I would highly recommend her for business workshops, 1 on 1 counseling, or working with a family. She is diverse, kind, and an inspiring teacher.”

~Melanie T. San Francisco, CA


“Maren is kind, warm, understanding, and a skilled practitioner and teacher of NVC aka Compassionate Communication.  She has worked with me and my partner on communication and I've grown my NVC skills from a group class with her. I highly recommend a session with her!”

~ L. Bansner, SF, CA


“I cannot adequately describe how fantastic Maren is as a guide, listener and model for relating.  How fortunate that my boyfriend suggested we work with Maren to build a solid foundation for a healthy relationship.  We have benefited immeasurably, and I feel so grateful for Maren's wit, humor, sensitivity, and skill- especially in the areas of language and empathy.  She has used her amazing Neuro-Linguistic Processing and Non-Violent Communication training and mastery with us.  She ensures both partners feel held and heard and is such a stand for what is best for the highest good of each partner and finding a way to integrate that for each in a relationship.  We have worked extensively with Maren on Skype with great success.  I feel like I have improved so much with Maren's guidance, and we navigate conflict as partners in a much more connected way. Invaluable.”

~Heather B. Oakland, CA


I went to Maren for a 1.5-hour empathy session. 

Maren is a skilled empath and listener.  Asks quality questions and manages to challenge you gently without judgment.  I left with new things to ponder and a better understanding. 


~Dominick P., Berkeley, CA


I have enjoyed and profited from Maren Metke's sensitivity and insight in two different housing groups (multiple sessions in each), and recommend her highly.

~Jack S., Berkeley, CA


Maren is an unwavering space holder.  Our sessions together have been instrumental in overcoming some significant blocks and working through trauma.  Her NLP and NVC skills are second to none!  I highly recommend working with Maren privately or in group classes!

~Steven G, Oakland, CA

“For my 18 yo son and I Maren has been a true blessing. We had reached a point where we could barely say two words to each other without anger and frustration and misunderstanding creeping in. Oddly enough psychotherapy seemed to miss the mark of what was going wrong between us. Then a friend who had had a wonderful experience with Maren recommended that we see her. I couldn't be more grateful for the recommendation. 

Maren's skill in NVC combined with her sharp intelligence and soft manner -- and the fact that she is just a very cool mamma! -- completely won us over. My prickly son melts in her presence and I let down my defenses and with Maren's gentle reminders to stay on track suddenly all kinds of communication obstacles between my son and me just fall away. 

Going to Maren I realize that the analytical approach and emotional digging (not to mention the stiff cost!) of psychotherapy are not always what is needed to heal and smooth out a relationship. Sometimes what you need is just to talk to each other without falling into old action/reaction patterns. It sounds simple but it is remarkably effective. 

I am very happy to have found Maren. I think everybody needs someone like her in their life!”

~Mina P. Santa Cruz, CA


“All of 2013 I attended weekly sessions with someone else, but in just ONE session with Maren (Healing with Compassion), we got to dig out some serious layers and I understood the possible root causes of some issues that I've had for years (that never even came up with the other person)! .....and that was only after the first session! 

Ladies & gentlemen, this woman is amazing. Not only she has fully gained my trust, but she knows exactly how to listen, ask the right questions and help you find your truth! 

I am so lucky and blessed to have this woman help me work out my issues. My partner is starting sessions now too. I highly recommend Maren's service to anyone who needs to figure out what is going on in his/her life! She can really help! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

~Amanda P. Columbia


“My kids and I learned by the sharing with and guidance by Maren over 4 summers. My experience is that Maren is able to be fully present, listening to the whole person, not just the words, and finds ways to clarify or make the connection we needed but just struggled to get to on our own.

She is able to use so many if her creative talents to flex to the uniqueness of each of we each interact with and process our experiences differently.

This woman carries much wisdom and I highly recommend her.”
~Jules M. Milwaukee WI


“Maren worked with both of my children, for several years. She was a steady, connected, and lovely force in all of our lives. Maren has the ability to be simultaneously light-hearted and silly and also deeply connected to everyone around her. I cannot recommend her enough.”

~Emily P Menlo Park, CA


“Maren is an amazing facilitator and presence. Maren's incredible capacity to hear humans, give them the empathy they need, and support them with a wide range of skills and experience, means that your growth through challenge is well guided in her care. 

We have experienced Maren's support as individuals and a couple, and can recommend her highly as a significant support, coach, facilitator, or mediator.”
~T. Maddock. Nevada City, CA


“I am grateful to know Maren to the degree that I do. I've had the honor of working with her as a group leader, and trainer/facilitator and have received the benefits of her one-on-one work. The profound sensitivity and intuitive faculty that she possesses combined with world-class training and half a lifetime of being awesome as a Mom and a friend to so many of our beloved community members make her a top-notch Human in my book. The natural ability, skill, and heart she brings to all areas of her life speaks for itself. I would recommend to anyone to work with her wholeheartedly and with full confidence.”

~Matthew S. GV, CA


“Maren has an amazing capacity to listen and feedback what she's heard with such compassion, shining clarity on muddled thoughts and helping bring forward new awareness and opportunity for healthy shifts. With an NLP and NVC background, she skillfully blends compassion and knowledge. She has helped me to affect real change, find my path when I've lost it, and be a better version of myself. I absolutely recommend her.”

~Annie K. GV, CA


“Maren is a fantastic support for couples and pairs.  

There is no one else who I trust more to be able to understand, relate, and give empathy for people on BOTH sides of a disagreement.  The support she gave my mom and I helped us connect and be able to relate in new ways after more than a year of feeling continually frustrated and disconnected from our conversations.  

She has also provided invaluable support in my relationship with my husband to open the lines of communication and help us begin to hear and understand each other better.

If you are going through a hard time with someone you care about, I highly, highly recommend reaching out to Maren.”

~Wendy G. Portland, OR


“Not only do I feel better after speaking with Maren, but I am amazed by the depth she is able to reach to create lasting positive understanding around my biggest challenges. She is definitely worth contacting for whatever may be on your mind. You will not regret speaking with her, and I bet you will leave with a better understanding of yourself, and able to love and be more compassionate to yourself and others.”

~Tony G., Marina Del Rey, CA


“Maren is one-of-a-kind who knows how to empathize and get down to your specific needs. She has helped my community connect and stay connected through great communication and NVC skills. I highly recommend her for teaching one-on-one and to classes of all ages. She is great with kids and adults alike.”

~Justin A, Oakland, CA

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